January 2017

Decision making criteria

From the beginning of last semester, I had a very broad thesis topic. As time went on my topic became narrower and more specific.  I did many experts to user interviews to help me to get where I am today. Now my thesis provides electricity and communication to city residents after a disaster. These are user needs and personally, would like to accomplished for my thesis.


Reflecting on final presentation

My thesis provides electricity and the internet to city residents after major disasters, by adding solar power and local mesh wireless networks to city infrastructure.

In my last thesis final presentation, I created 2 prototypes.
1. An add-on to a current lamppost
2. A new lamp post design.

Looking back at my final presentation and prototype, I don’t feel confident and it seems to be missing many parts.

My prototypes need a lot of work, especially in the form or shape of the design. This has been a struggle for me since I don’t have an ID background. In addition, I need to explore the interaction part of my design and there are so many questions that need to be answered.

How would a resident know that this exists in the world? How would they use it? Do they log in? Can residents use it if there isn’t an emergency? What access should they have after login?